Wednesday, March 07, 2007

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Saturday, February 03, 2007

This is the picture taken in Room no 80 of A2 Block of JUMH, I was in 4th year (standing extreme right). I was 56 kg that time. After an year I started getting chubby and now I am Fat enough with a weight of almost 80kg. So almost everyone have not able to recognise me from this picture, and thought as JP.
The Long floor, good enough from cricket

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

After 5 years of passing out, I am going through the official JU website and even after working in IBM for more than 5 years I am still proud to have an engineering degree in computer Sc from Jadavpur Universities. JU was established in 1905 and it has its own heritage and supremacy worldwide. Here is some more information in wikipedia.
Our deam life was in JU, specially in the hostels. After few years life has changed a lot. Now I can hardly remember all my JU BCSE friends(group is ). While searching through the net I got a link fortunately containing all names of my class mates.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Jadavpurer mathe Team BCSE.. Football team chara :-)

Arobindo Bhaban.. the main administrative building of Jadavpur University, Kolkata -32


Ami takhon khub choto, boyose noy, manosik bhabe... Prithibi ke chinte sikhini, jante sikhini.. Porechi.. Bhalo result korechi.. ar sei anande atkhana hoye esechi swapner Jadavpur e..

Ha Swapno, ki darun hobe sei prothibi, Bisal University, abad swadhinota, saradin chaile khebo, TV dekhte parbo, infact cinemao, chele meye, fest gan, pora khela onno jogot.. ar pass korlei chakri.. contract 3rd year theke hoye jay... Eto swapno nie prabesh korlam amar apon Jadavpur e.. Seshporjonto Jadavpur amake hotas koreni.. ja cheyechi dieche.. seta bhujhechi onek pore.. jakhon bastob prithibite hochot kheyechi.. ar upolobdhi korechi jeebaner nirmom satto gulo...

Mone pore bishesh kore Main hostel er unmadona.. Uddam Uchyosito badhan chara ullas ar Prabahate khela, danga hangama, Poddar nagar er sathe bikhipto songhorsho, ar Asrabyo bhasar lenden.. Aporinoto dustumi, majhe modhe monbholano Ragging ar taser asor..

Class test katano, Techer der chotano, Class e chok choracuri, Kobike kalano, Stalon er Oudhotto, Dhiman gundar kache Bat diye mar khoya, sondhya bela dhaoya kora, semester er chot, Hate paye, full jama, haotai choppol, sudhu chother honno.. mone porle bhalo lage..
Arobondo bhanoner pechone.. mather pase adda marar jayga... tiffen e somobeto hotam.. ekhane

Kokhono ba Class katiye football, kokhono Boimela jaoya, konodin ba eksathe bose lalchair e meye dekha.. ar koto ki..

Mone pore majhe majhe alto kore Dhop mara, classer moddhe bawal kora, ar badhonchara vhat boka.. chonchol chele hisabe classer Dhourattyo chilam ami..

Er pore campusing.. Job paoya.. eke eke chole jaoya ar ektu adtu smriti niye ekhono choke bhasche sesh sobaike dekha convocation er dingulo.

Dhighar Samudra Saikote amra kojona JUMH er..
Kele, Ami , Teko, Topu, Ch**ananda, Ankuran ar Pagla

This is the mail I have written 2 years back in the Group Summarizing the situation – as of Tue, 8 Jun 2004 08:59:06 -0700 (PDT)

Where we are and where we will be… may be bit controversial… Appreciate all your criticism…

We the JU Hooligans completed our 3 years of journey… after passing out from the JU BCSE..
Some of us has already forgot few faces, even names, some are that enthubazz as they were initially, not to mention Kuntal… who always keeps harping the old set of friends… Its really praise worthy.
And it is obvious that once you are that busy in your professional career (may it be higher education), you will hardly find some time to cherish your old days and keep posting our old friends anymore. It is only because we all are growing and moving with the first time to the, what I can say, let it call Personal AIM.

Most of us are now Global Citizens and very soon all of us will join the group…. This adds to our visionary and paves the way to know different culture and race… Just take an example…. Have I thought to visit a Night club while being a student in our university? No… But we all changed with the time and position to have a feel of something that we don’t know…. However I feel personally, the basic attitude remains the same in a person irrespective of place, career and time, though his or her choices and tests may change…. and so as his thinking…

Not humiliating the girls, I can very well say that they are not an exception from an Indian girl… They are coming close to their home before they finally settle in their life… However they are still proving their excellence in the same domain… Some of we guys still home sick… tightly tide with the bond of Bengal…. Some are free to fly… never knows where to stop…

Coming back to the personal life…. The set of guys who thinks, Yes, this is the career for me and I am happy with the ongoing job, So I can be a family man… has already married or planning to… One of us going to be a Proud Father very soon…. Can you imagine? Yes here the thinking of JU Hooligans varies…. Some prefer to buy a flat before settle…. some wants to settle in his family life… all are thinking and planning… and prioritizing the situation…. All are appreciable….

Some big shots…. So called toppers… keep on growing and earning recognition in the world of higher education… Some of us are the attractions of International Seminars… We all are proud of them… Hope we can find some of them in the top of the educational hierarchy very soon as a professor or scientists…. Some of us will very soon get an International figure in his or her firm… It’s the time which will answer everything…

Coming back to personal relations… Earlier it was a Group in our JU days… eventually became sub group after few days… now has come to the interaction in personal level… However there are some groups depending on the level of friendship like JUMH team who still keeps contacts between themselves in mail… nothing to criticize about it…. It’s all the human relation and time which drives us in keeping personal contact…

But Finally a Big Q? Where we will be… None of us sure about that…. It’s all our quality and opportunity that will take us to a destiny along with the waves of time… Mail in group will obviously reduce as we will be family men or big persons with huge responsibility overheads… Let’s hope for the best…

Still we will remain the JU Hooligans for ever in the history of Mankind…:-)